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      Repels the most common fleas and ticks including american dog ticks, brown dog ticks and cat fleas

    2. Lasts 4 weeks

      Provides a repellent effect at a minimum two feet distance for at least four weeks


      Contains great smelling virginia cedarwood and peppermint essential oils.


      No synthetic pesticides found in mainstream flea and tick treatments.

    1. Virginia Cedarwood oil

      4.3% Virginia Cedarwood essential oil (Virginia Juniperus)


      4.3% Peppermint Essential Oil (Menthe piperita)

    3. Inactive Ingredients

      Nylon, Almond Oil, Zinc Stearate

    4. MADE IN France

      By on established veterinary health product manufacturer with GMP


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The Sensible Flea & Tick Collar

EnviroCollar is the sensible way to repel fleas and ticks for up to four weeks without using the synthetic pesticides found in traditional flea and tick collars.  EnviroCollar uses plant-based essential oils embedded in a one-size fits all nylon collar.

EnviroCollar is the only collar that has been tested and shown to repel brown dog ticks, American dog ticks and cat fleas in a commercial laboratory and at a prominent Canadian University.

With EnviroCollar, you, your family and children can fully enjoy your dog. Pet them, snuggle them and nuzzle them! Feel free to let them on your bed or sleep with them. Unlike conventional treatments, there is no need to wash your hands every time you touch your dog or the collar.

    My dog hasn’t had any ticks or fleas...

    ... and I love the smell of the essential oils instead of those nasty chemicals.”

    Michelle B.
    Verified Purchase

    Easy to Use

    Using EnviroCollar couldn’t be simpler. Thread the collar through the buckle and cut off excess. Change once every four weeks. You can also safely use EnviroCollar in combination with repellent sprays or powders to increase repellency or to kill an active infestation. 

    • Great Cedar & Peppermint Scent

    • Lasts 4 Weeks

    • For Dogs > 3 Months Old

    • One Size Fits All

    So glad to be away from the toxic products...

    ...not to mention the soothing aroma of the collars. The price is an added bonus. Thank you EnviroCollar”

    Bonnie G.
    Verified Purchase

    Plant based active ingredients

    EnviroCollar is made with essential oils extraced from virginia cedarwood trees and peppermint plants. Both these plants contain unique aromatic compound that have a demonstrated repellent effect against specific insects.

    Using a proprietary manufacturing process, these extracted oils are carefully combined and molded into a recyclable nylon collar that allows the scent to release gradually over time.

      These collars are awesome!

      I have two German Shepard’s these collars are awesome first they are all natural and secondly they work!

      Wendy S.
      Verified Purchase

      Happiness or Money Back Guarantee

      Your satisfaction is our top priority. If, after trying EnviroCollar you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply return the unsued collars to us within 30 days and get a 100% refund - no questions asked.


      My dogs are on their second collar...

      ...I live in the southeast and we have lots of ticks and fleas year round. So glad to find a SAFE way to keep ticks and fleas off of my dogs.

      Allison A.

      Will never go back to using toxic chemicals again...

      Been using the EnviroCollar since May 2018 on our black Lab.seems to be working great! Fleas have never really been a problem for us, but we are in NH and have a pretty substantial tick population here.

      Peg C.


      ...It smells great (like my mom’s geranium flowers!), works like a charm and isn’t too big and bulky. Recommended.

      Brian S.

      I highly recommend this product...

      ...I bought this for the first time for my Black Lab who could not tolerate other flea collars due to his allergies. He's had it on for almost a month with no scratching at all and no fleas or ticks. Great job!!!

      Wendy C.

      I’ve had this collar on my dogs for 3 weeks now...

      ...My dogs are not out that much so ticks were not an issue. I do think it has helped keep fleas off my dogs. Still smells strong after 3 weeks.

      Lila A.


      EnviroCollar is made in Europe.

      Effectiveness Against Ticks

      In laboratory testing conducted at Trent University in Canada, EnviroCollar demonstrated a 78% rate of repellency against Brown Dog Ticks and American Dog Ticks at a distance of at least 24" for at least four weeks. 

      Effectiveness Against Fleas

       In laboratory testing against common fleas, EnviroCollar demonstrated a repellent effect of 72% for at least 4 weeks.

      EnviroCollar uses plant-based active ingredients rather than synthetic pesticides.  It is classified as a minimum risk pesticide by the EPA and is safe when used as directed.

      You can take the collar off when your dog is inside, however they will lose protection while it is off.

      Due to the way they are manufactured, EnviroCollar has a thin plastic tube attached to the main collar that needs to be removed before the collar can be properly fit onto your pet.

      EnviroCollar is “one size fits all”.  Simply trim the collar to the length you need.

      EnviroCollar was not designed for and has not been tested on horses.  That said,  we do have some customers that thread two collars together and use them on their horses. 

      EnviroCollar is designed for dogs, but some customers use the collars on their cats. Cats can be more sensitive to essential oils than dogs so, please be sure to observe them for the first few days to ensure they do not have an adverse reaction.

      EnviroCollar can be used on puppies that are more than 3 months of age.

      The collar is 24" in length which fits all but the largest dogs. If you have a very, very large dog, it's possible to thread two collars together into a single 48" collar.

      It takes 2-3 business days to receive shipments.

      Yes,  the collar is fine to swim with. The essential oils in EnviroCollar are embedded into the collar material and do not wash off with exposure to water.

      No.  EnviroCollar is a repellent.  In order to kill fleas and ticks, consider using our EnviroPowder product or talk to your vet for further advice.

      If your dog has fleas, consider using EnviroPowder which kills fleas within 48 hours, and see your vet for further advice.

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